Invisible Braces

If you have crooked teeth and want them straightened, the news has never been better. Huge advances have made orthodontics much quicker, more comfortable and more discreet, and thousands of adults are joining the orthodontic revolution, reaping the benefits of straight teeth and greater self-confidence.

West Street Dental Practice is up to date with the latest systems and techniques. In a few months we can solve common orthodontic problems like crowding and unwanted spaces. 


Probably the best-known clear aligner, Invisalign is popular for its near invisibility and comfort and the advantage of removing it for eating and tooth brushing.  Treatment times range from about 3-6 months to correct mild alignment problems.

Quick Straight Teeth

QST has a very discreet fixed bracket system that focuses on the front six or eight teeth, using tooth-coloured wire and clear brackets, so these braces are barely noticeable.  Treatment outcomes are more predictable than with some other systems.  It is also a fast treatment, taking up to about six months for mild alignment problems.